All KPIs
One system
One system

Empower your employees to make data-driven decisions quickly.
Data import, aggregation,
  and visualization from a single source.
Distribute information efficiently
Individual data transformation
Precise visualizations
Save time and resources
Available everywhere
Highly customizable

About KPI Wall

KPI Wall is an easy to use and fully customizable enterprise software for visualizing important KPIs. It integrates data from many different sources and computes indicators that are relevant to your business.


KPI Wall is individually customized to the needs of your company. You can choose to have it installed and maintained by us on your own servers or to have it hosted on our servers as a SaaS.


We conceptualize our interactive dashboards together with you. That way you get meaningful dashboards with sensible KPIs and not just a software license.


We can import data from many different APIs, from files via FTP or Dropbox, or even directly from web pages.


We design individual dashboards and visualizations that combine many different data sources in one view. All relevant KPIs in one system.


Reports allow for more detailed analyses and presentations. We can generate reports and email them to you on a regular basis.

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