Case Study.
Volkswagen Group China

❶ Situation

Die Volkswagen Group China ist der zweitgrößte ausländische Auto-Produzent in China und verkauft dort fast 3 Mio. Auto im Jahr. Ein Überblick über die Wahrnehmung der eigenen Marke in China, sowie der Konkurrenzmarken in verschiedenen chinesischen Social-Media-Netzwerken war das Kernanliegen dieses Dashboard-Projekts. Darüber hinaus sollten die Erfolge der eigenen Marketing-Bemühungen anhand der Performance der Webseiten der verschiedenen Hausmarken gemessen werden.

❷ Requirements

Several different web analytics tools were in use from which the number of visitors, visits, actions, etc. were to be imported.

VW China and its competitors were active on several Chinese social media platforms, where the numbers of followers, fans, subscribers, likes, shares, etc. were to be extracted and visualized.

Quaterly market research data from an agency was to be included as well.

Data from all systems needed to be visualized in aggregate, but also in comparison to each other, grouped along different dimensions.

Some users were only allowed to see partial data.

A quick implementation was required, within a few weeks the first version was to be presented.

❸ Implementation in cooperation with an internet agency & KPI Wall

The agency consulting VW China with regards to marketing activities cooperated with KPI Wall to deliver the project. The agency took care of coordindation and communication with the customer while KPI Wall took care of the technical implementation.

Connecting to chinese APIs and determining which data is available via the API and how to aggregate data from different networks proved to be the most difficult part of the project and was implemented first.

The social media monitoring tool of the Business Intelligence Group (B.I.G.) was connected to the dashboard by a script which took a csv file from a daily sent email containing all new entries.

Data from the web analytics tools Omniture and Google analytics were unified and imported as well.

The agency provided plans for three dashboards_ Executive overview, Social Media Activities and Website performance.

Within three months the project was finished.

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