Case Study.

❶ Situation

With a turn-over of more than 1.8 billion Euro (2013) Zalando is one of Germanies biggest online shops. Zalando uses the powerful analytics software Webtrekk for its online marketing in 14 countries.

Because the countries' Webtrekk systems are working independently from each other, a comparison between different countries requires a lot of manual work.

A solution that makes the individual country data comparable was sought after.

❷ Requirements

The original Webtrekk systems had to be used. Changing to a different system was not feasible.

The data of the original systems had to be aggregated and the possibility to compare them with each other was required.

For all participating countries the data of the previous twelve months had to be imported.

Some users are only allowed to see parts of the data.

Rapid implementation was required. A pilot project was to be completed within a few weeks.

❸ Implementation Using KPI Wall

Because of our experience with the Webtrekk system, KPI Wall turned out to be an ideal solution for performance dashboards.

KPI Wall retrieves data from the countries' individual Webtrekk systems via API calls. The systems remained live and usable throughout the whole implementation phase.

A first workshop resulted in the fundamental structure of the dashboards. Four main categories where defined: traffic, channels, landing pages, funnels (conversions).

For the pilot phase we chose two countries, one being Germany. The initial implementation included the data import of the last 12 months as well as the visualization of the selected performance indicators.

The pilot project was completed within a month.

❹ Rollout and Current State

After the pilot project was completed the KPIs and visualizations were reworked according to the users' feedback.

After these changes the roll out to the remaining countries started.

Meanwhile data of all 14 countries are collected in a system of 25 dashboards in 4 categories.

The database now contains about 12 million data rows for a period of one year and is constantly growing.

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