KPI Wall
The perfect blend of analysis and overview!

We connect your business and its data on one intuitive platform. With KPI Wall, you grasp the information you care about at a glance - to make faster and better informed decisions.

Connect to all your data.

Data has become distributed, information is hiding in numerous systems. Wouldn't it be great to see everything relevant in one place? KPI Wall puts that into practice and connects you with any source of data - whatever it is.

Bring it all together

KPI Wall displays all the relevant informations how, when and where you want it. Every employee can be enabled to keep an eye on data that matters. So whether you want to unterstand how marketing contributs to sales or what human resources cost per unit - the information you need is always at your fingertips.

Empower everyone

Today’s BI solutions and dashboard tools are designed to empower data analysts and decision-enablers. KPI Wall is empowering everyone in the organization —including non-technical business leaders that drive decisions.

Rights and Roles System

A role based rights system allows for fine grained access control even at the data set level.

Smarter employees.

When you give everyone in your organization the information that they need to be successful, amazing things happen. Try it, you’ll see.


Use KPIs based upon data from different sources.

Corporate Design

Your dashboards are adjusted to fit the look and feel of your company or division.

Faster Decisions

When everyone’s pulling numbers from the same source, you can focus on what’s next, instead of who’s right.

Anywhere access.

Just because you’re on the go, doesn’t mean you should be out of the loop. KPI Wall works on mobile and tablet devices.

Better than static reports.

Better than Excel wastelands and countless unopened reporting emails. When you need the numbers, just choose the appropriate timeframe.

fewer Meetings.

Notice a dip in regional sales revenue? Instead of a conference call, or in-person meeting, discuss the situation, and take action, all within KPI Wall.

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