Dashboards for every use case


Always be on top of your marketing numbers and campaign performance. Integrate web analyics data with advertising data and your expenses. This way you can see the efficiency of your advertising.


Integrate data from CRM, book keeping, stores and different sales platforms. Now you can see how much you sold where, how many many leads and offers you have and how these numbers developed over time. A leaderboard helps to motivate the sales team.

Agency reporting

Your customers are all using different tools, but still expect timely reporting on your activities for them. KPI Wall helps to give your customers a quick overview and allows you to automate the reporting and concentrate on actually helping your client, instead of compiling excel reports manually. Internally you get an overview over all your activities for all customers.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+ and many other platforms are requiring your attention. A social media dashboard allows you to stay on top of your own activities - and keep an eye on your competitors. Recognize trends and see how your social media accounts grow.

Investor reporting

After the investment is before the reporting. Dashboards help founders to grow their company instead of compiling reports. Investors can see how their portfolio is doing and compare the performance of their investments.

Do you need an entirely different dashboard? We are quite flexible, so talk to us!

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